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Chain cleaning

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Precautions Do not immerse the chain directly in strong acid and alkaline cleaners such as diesel, gasoline, kerosene, WD-40, degreaser, because the inner ring bearing of the chain is filled with high
Don't immerse the chain directly in strong acid and alkaline cleaners such as diesel, gasoline, kerosene, WD-40, degreaser, because the inner ring bearing of the chain is filled with high viscosity oil, once it is washed off. After that, the inner ring will dry up, no matter how many low-viscosity chain oils are added afterwards, there is nothing to make up. 
Recommended cleaning method
Hot soapy water, hand sanitizer, take a discarded toothbrush or a slightly harder brush. You can wash it directly with water. The cleaning effect is not very good, and it needs to be dried after cleaning, otherwise it will rust.
Special chain cleaning agents are generally imported products, the cleaning effect is good, and the lubrication effect is also very good. The professional car shop has sales, but the price is relatively expensive,And Taobao is also available for sale, and the economic base is better.
For metal powder, find a larger container, take a spoonful of boiled water, remove the chain, and put it in the water and clean it with a hard brush.
Advantages: It is easy to clean the oil on the chain, and generally does not clean the butter in the inner ring, it is not irritating, and it does not hurt the hand. This thing is used by the masters who do mechanical work to wash their hands. , security is very strong. Larger hardware stores can buy.
Disadvantages: Since the auxiliary is water, the chain must be dried or dried after cleaning. It takes a long time.
Cleaning the chain with metal powder is my usual cleaning method. I personally feel that the effect is better. I recommend it to all the riders. If any rider has any objection to this cleaning method, you can make a wide opinion. It is recommended to install a magic buckle for the riders who need to take off the chain frequently, saving time and effort.
Chain lubrication
After each cleaning, wiping or cleaning of the chain with solvent, it is important to add lubricant and ensure that the chain is dry before adding lubricant. First, the lubricating oil is infiltrated into the bearing portion of the chain and then becomes viscous or dry. This will reliably lubricate the parts of the chain that are easily worn (two joints on both sides). Good lubricants, which start to feel like water, are easy to penetrate, but over time they become sticky or dry, which can last a long time.
After lubricating the oil, use a dry cloth to wipe off the excess oil on the chain to avoid the adhesion of dirt and dust. Before reinstalling the chain, remember to clean the links to each other to ensure that no dirt remains. After the chain is cleaned, it is necessary to apply some magical oil to the inside and outside of the shaft.